There is no such thing as too much of chocolate and too many women!!

Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Blogging for the sake of blogging

How does it feel when u move from a city whihc calls a rain that lasts exactly 2 hours as a downpour to a city where it rains for 23hours and 45 minutes in a day non stop?....Welcome to is raining so heavily that this city will be so full of Cats and dogs in some time.....and when u have a college that decides to eat up 16 hours of ur precious time everydy.......well u have nothing better to do than to crib...and that is what I am trying to do.
the clothes I washed at 1:13 in the morning 3 days ago are not dry at..(yes I now carry out house hold chores like washing dishes, washing clothes and every other washing except the washing myself part cos there is no time for such non sense.) And thanx to the rains, the gurlsd these days come fully dressed and thus the main inspiration for going to college is also down the drain.....yaaawn, now give me one good reason to go to college.......Sheesh I cant think of any reason whatsoever.......phhhbbbbttt......and btw this is the most bland post on this blog and that is cos I am blogging for the sake of blogging....jus so that this blog doesnt die a unnoticed death......maybe I will blog a better one later......


Sunday, June 12, 2005

Concentration camp

First post from Pune town....if u thot me is enjoying the chicks, the food and the weather....think again. I am sorry to be cribbin straight off but thats the way it is...I am in concentration camp, where classes start at an unearthly hour of 7:00 in the morning(Yoga, Gym n Aerobics....)....and tyhey go all the way upto sometimes 11:00 in the night. We work 7 days a week yes, even sat and sunday...the only off is on a thursday where we need not come to college....but need to do some crappy social service....not that I dont want to but certtainly not on my off..............Gaaaaaawwwwdddd.....
Ok now for the best part....My class has a minority commitee, they are called the that statement shudlet u know what the situatuion is like......but then as it always goes, Women are like domain names....the good ones are already taken......phhhbbbtttt....
I am here at acafe from college....habve another 2 minutes before me attend next class.....btw, if u thot we r lewarning metaphysuics....then worry not, me learning films, me learning classes are basically screenings of films like the matrix......guess me shudnt crib too much abt this place shud I...
My mobile number has changed, ppl say neer give out info like this over the internet, but me give a damn to the here it is.......Wonder who will even bother calling....hehehe9890704523

I repeat 9890704523


Friday, June 03, 2005

End of chapter 1

All people familiar with me will know that getting my hair cut is one of my favorite passtimes And today I decided to indulge in this pastime of mine for the last time in hyderabad...and here I am with prakash, the regular stylist(Thoda posh bana deta hoon barber ko) getting my hair cut. In the process of some phaltu talk, I let this dude know that probbly I will not be comin back for atleast another 2 years. After the haircut is done, a by-now gloomy prakash tells me"Saab, ab hum haircut karte waqt kiske saat mazaak karenge, Kaun hasaayega hame baal kaat the waqt?...kabhi mauka milaa to zarror aana, hum aapko bahut miss karenge."......For that moment, I suddenly felt important.
Yes as Everybody wud have guessed by now this is probably my Adieu message to all....To everybody who have touched me and my life(Perverts, I am talking of the sentimental touch, the so cliched touch of greeting cards....Ufff kya zamaana hai..). It has been an Honour to know every single one of you...seriously it has been.
This city has showed me all kinds of people, and I have made all kinds of friends in here, from the best to the bestest lot. This is an adieu to everyone of you. Andy, Ashray, Mayank my friends since as long as my memory goes(Baad memory I have) was simbbbllllyyy amaajing the times we spent....will miss every second fo that, diya included.....To Navid, Tamzid, Fayaz, Brajesh, Tashi, Sana, satish.....I still cant believe 3 years have gone by so was truly an Honour....and lastt but not the least, the blogging community..Sita, Akshata, Ajay...thanq for it all....
Gosh I am making it sound like i am off to kargil to kick some pakistani booty......okie enuf senti, wipe the tears, Rohit is still here, just 12 hours away, one phone call away...and what worse, so is his blog...
Finally, I propose a toast in the name of all of u people ...."Oh toast I love theee verrry much".....Sheeesh, even the tost rejected me......what phuti kismat...I tell u......Cya arnd