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Thursday, May 26, 2005


It has been raining treats this summer for me, atleast it is raining something. The verrry fact that I am leaving for Pune has got so many people excited that they are throwing parties. But then, I keep thinking if these treats showered upon me is because everybody thinks this is the last time they will get to treat me or they are all soexcited that they will not have to see this horrendous figure anywhere in hyderabad for the next 2 years and cannot hide their happiness........but either way, as long as I am getting treated....I dont give a rats ass to it...........thank u to all u angels and angelas out there who have helped this garib find his do waqt ki roti.
Do waqt ki roti brings me to the point I wanted to discuss so many times on this blog, but never got the waqt. the ever so Cliched bollywood....and how it manages to sell its crap.
the Andhi maa, the berozgaar baap, Sheru the pet, the villain who makes passes at thy maa when u r young and ofcourse a brother who turns the opp to what u r(sometimes I suspect infidelity, how can god and bad come from the same Coke....I mean womb).....oh I forgot the sis who ties rakhi and gives u her saugandh every year. lets skip the heroine, cos I dont want to get into the issues of running around trees singing, rain rain come again!
the days of the eastman color movies are gone, but the cliches have gone no where. even today the villains will come to attack the hero one by one. They may come in a bunch of 15, but they will mantain one hand distance and finger on the lips action while the hero pitafies each one of them singularly.
Oh and have u noticed, how it begins to rain everytime somebody close to the hero dies in the open, and how the thunder rumbles when an angry convo is happ btw the hero and somebody else, and not to forget how the wid blows exactly when the heroine tries to adjust the pallu of her sari......hmm the association of the weather and bollywood is a long one...really long one
And the mobile phones are the most under utilized piece of equipment in bollywood except for breaking into wierd sonngs ike what is mobile number......otherwise, when the need arises, the mobile does the dissapearing act.For example, when the heros bro meets with an accident, (it will begin to rain), the hero will now not ask for an ambulnce, he will instead go from door to door shouting help help in hindi......Use thy mobile duh dial 1091 Appolo emergency, dont try Yashoda, cos they r hoping that u will never need them....
and last but not the least, how the hero smells a rapist as soon as the pallu of the saree is taken off or worst comes worst, the blouse is torn from a strategic location to satisfy the it tan ki durgand? is it lack of deo spray used by the rape victims, or is it a defence mechanism that these women in films posses like a fish which releases a stench when attacked upon?.......I simply fail to understand....yet, I am slave to the bollywood......
God save me!



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