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Tuesday, April 19, 2005


This is a story of a world where there are a lot of women, and no men. there is also one more thing that is in plenty in this land.... Technology. I have been brought up to learn the hard fact that women and technology simply do not go hand in hand....they simply dont.
Now comin back to my story, in this wonderland, with the advent of technology and the lack of understanding of technology by women lead to a lot of problems......they lived in darkness cos some of em dint know how to change a light bulb, some froze to death in winter, cos they refused to understand how the friggin AC cud be switched off......well we are talkin of the 80% female population of this world here.....the 80% who simply fail to understand technology......NOw this population tries its best to face the problem, but with the situation aggravating by the day, it was time to do what they do best......So a bunch of jokers walk upto a mandir and matha thekafy in front of the bhagwaaan....they pray for safety they pray for a rakshak.
*Thunder blazes, lightning strike, and more thunderr rumbles.....(Fullto Filmi style)....and then it begins to rain...and rain hard.......and then another lightning strikes and a Voila...A super Hero is born.......Bhagwaaan ne unki sun lee...(sun lee for the unkown souls is not Bruce lee is hindi for "heard it")...the Super Hero had an R on his T shirt....and do I also have to bother tellin u who the Hero was??......yes ppl obviously it was RAMU.....the favourite name in the 70's.
NOw Ramu was sent to earth to help the pooor technologically challenged women change their ways......within 15 minutes of his entry, he is posed with 378564 problems.....NOw Ramu the super hero needs to devote enuff time to all of these in total Class2 style, he says..."Finger on ur lips, stand in line.....mantain one hand distance.......and come one by one..."
IN 3 days he spends, he is posed with all kinds of questions ranging from...."will a virus laden floppy send virus to another floppy if i keep em next to each other???'
"Where do i find a caps Unlock key?...."
"which side of CD shud face down?"
and not to mention the various dumb answers he got to queries he posted to them...
Super hero: How much RAM do u have?
Ans: 3, One in sittin room, 2 in Puja room....oh 1 Ram poster in kitchen also
Superhero:What is ur connection speed?
Ans: My connection speed is verrrrry fast......(pppl u have a number system with units to describe ur speed)
Superhero:What Bus does ur motherboard support?
Ans....errr.......aheem....I think u were gramtically wrong, but i understood ur query....I am smart.......My mother no boarding bus sirrr....she have her car.....oh but if car break down. she board 24E....

this was it.....Mr.Superhero cudnt take it any more....he goes back to the same mandir and also matha thekafys......prays brays, confesses....does everything...........and waits for miracle to happen........"Please take me back God...this is not the Job of 1 superhero.....I need back up..and if u cant take me back.....then atleast send back up.....puhleeeeeesss send backup..."
Again lightining strikes....thunder rumbles...and all the above mentioned steps take place.....and a new Superhero is born...and another one...and another.........SOoon, God created a superhero for every Female on planet earth.......One superhero to help em superhero to save em.....and collectively, he called them.....MAN.
This my friends is the closesly gaurded truth about evolution...and all that evolution crap that charles darwin gave is complete bull crap.......

Oh now before any of u female fraternity burn up my blog....lemme say there are always exceptions.....ofcourse I know women who can reprogram the Ipod to play wma and attract3....I also know women who cangenerate electricity from a potato.....and above all, I know a lot of femme....who can Blog.......and nothing is more challenging thatn to blog.
These were the few exceptions.....that wud anyway exist....hehe but the rest....well.....for the rest, we have the superheros.......
* proposes all the women who read this blog.....welcome to the technically brilliant takes skill to understand my blog anyway.....

P.s:the last comment was the "save my ass, save my blog" comment...hehehe



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