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Friday, April 29, 2005

101 New Messages

I'm about to sleep and my mobile fone blinks in pitch black darkness. WTF, not another SMS spam. I don't want to download a"Nuvvu naato ikada thudu" ringtone nor do i want to take Rahul Dravid on a date, and I am quite happy with my bike, I dont need no maruti car that u give everyday. Me want to go to sleep.
Ever since Hutch has made SMS free within its network, I have found new admirers in my frends who refuse to sleep without smsing me gudnite at 2:00AM.
and then there is the friggin question aire senders, whoput ur gray cells to test with questions like
"Would you save the one you love or someone who loves you?"
.....Halllooo ppl, I am no beauty and this aint no beauty pageant.....Y the f*&^ are u askin me this.....all i ask of is some sleep.

What is worse is the crapyola like sms messages u get....
the following is a prayer from the lakshmipathy balaji temple.
Om LalluSonia namaha
Malllika kapde nahin pahanaha
Tu jaa doob maraha
If u dont send this message to 10 ppl, bad luck will fall upon u.

Y dont u realise, if i sent it to 10 ppl, i wud be charged 10 friggin bucks, which is as bad as any bad luck.
Puhleeeeeeeeeeeeesssssss.........I beg of u all spamers, I do not want to win prizes, I dont care a rats ass abt Chiranjeevi Ringtones and I believe God is within and dont need no prayer from AbeyKuruvilla temple to get rid of my bad luck syndrome.
..........I simply fail to wonder the situation when Hutch decides to make all otugoing frm Hutch to hutch free.........
last thing i want at 2 in the night is creeepy female voice tellin me "My Rohit, we have a wunderful washing machine which cud be yours if u answer the following 3 questions..."
One tight Slap.....
*how peaceful were those days when there were no mobile phones.......How so peaceful........



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