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Thursday, March 24, 2005

Record Tod!

Went on a nostalgia drive the other day during a chat session with Blur. Apparently the two of us went to the same college(yes i am educated and i did go to college...its another story that i never attended classes), we also went to the same coaching classes, and coincidentally, we were both at the same place at the same time....a lot of times....when she went for morning walks and i went to gaze at gurls out there for morning walks.....but this post is not abt where both of us went, and y both dint meet till date. This post i about a few achievments of mine at the dreaded hell called Little flower Junior college(LFJC for short), which till date hold as a record of sorts.

I am still the official holder of the record for being the only person in the history of LFJC to be thrown out of class on the verrry first day.
I mean cmon ppl, what do u do when u go to this new place for the first time and u encounter a totla besuraaah voice shouting at the top of his lungs..."Hey Prabhu darshan do...." whcih apparently was the prayer....i just burst out laffing and was thrown out of class.

I also hold the record in LFJC for being the only person to be given a "strict warning" by every lecturer in LFJC, inluding the librarian......the librarian cos i changed the wallpaper on the computers from the LFJC logo to Riya sen in a bikini!!!

I am probably among the verrry few ppl who managed to mantain 4 diaries, and 7 identity cards throughout their tenure of 2 years. 4 diaries meant no diary had more than 5 leave records marked on them....and the 7 identity cards helped me bunk classes everytime, a class whose ID card i possesed had a free time...heheh smart or what!!

Bahadur the watchman earned more than the principal did only becos of people like us who wanted to leave college even before it actually started....5 bucks to leave on foot, 10 to leave with a bike and 25 to leave with a car.....and with aatleast 50 ppl doig this eeryday on an average and the number hitting as high as 100 on a friday, U cud well imagine the moolah he made...

And last but not the least, till the last day of college, I had broken 27 testubes, 11 burretes n pippetes, stolen 4 mouse balls, and mixed all the conc acids with a chemical called H20 whihc makes em the diluted much as a revenge to what that hell offered me...

I still think all these records Hold. and if bro James ever read this blog, I am sure no amt of armour wud protect me....he wud actualy nuke me......cos I always used full faida of being a mallu n he being a mallu everytime i awanted leave, it was always.."I aqm off to kerala for a vacation sir"....or ..."Sir, I have IIT coaching all day today sir"....and he always believed me...



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