There is no such thing as too much of chocolate and too many women!!

Friday, September 03, 2004

Wardrobe Malfunction

How many of us sitting out there have caught a glimpse of the infamous wardrobe malfunction by Janet Jackson? I can see quite a large number of hands going up. Now How many of us have also been witness to the cries of the poor and helpless children caught in a battle between the Wrong and the Very Wrong namely “The Iraq War”. What have we done so far to help these people, to put an end to all this tyranny? Of course we have all given our fair share of foul words to George Bush and Osama Bin Laden. But other than these words, what have we done. Nothing. That’s the right word. NOTHING.

Freedom of speech is the only right we seem to exercise when it comes to issues like these. As long as my house is not on fire, why should I bother about what’s happening across the street is the kind of attitude we display. What we don’t realize is that what happened in Beslan can happen in Bangalore, what happened in Chechnya, can happen in Chennai and what happened in Iraq can happen in India.

What we are going to do about this is left to us to decide. We could either decide that we will not tolerate this oppressive attitude from anybody and make this point clear to the world or we can sit down on the couch switching channels and watching women in abbreviated pieces of clothing entice you hoping to catch another “Wardrobe malfunction”.

The Choice is all yours.