There is no such thing as too much of chocolate and too many women!!

Sunday, August 01, 2004


Sometimes I am stupid. Sometimes I am crazy. Sometimes I am impulsive and reckless. Sometimes it's good to use all said adjectives in one sentence. Yes!!! I am demented. I am stupid, crazy, impulsive and reckless for deleting away 10 months worth of nuclear powered, electron-quivering Writings in a compendium called Digital Nirvana." I am not Prince and I hate purple

You won't be reading hyperventilated blogposts about Neruda poems, Duncan Shiek, Interpol, my homicidal tendencies, the obscure book I found in the gutter and other prosaic profundities and assorted inanities that I wax estatic about. Not in this blog. No more picture perfect mini-novels and other airy musings. I've had it. I don't want to be so self-introspective anymore. No more magnifying life in a hubble telescope. I'm aching for a change. Be off tangent without questioning my sanity. I like wasabi powder with my French Fries.

A sArkarstic writer on the wheel. Brace yourself. It will be one bumpy ride.